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Tea Expert Tony Gebely

World of Tea is owned and operated by Tony Gebely. The idea was born during his travels throughout China in 2005, and developed as he backpacked Southeast Asia in 2008. Tony met many tea farmers and became immersed in tea culture throughout China, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Nepal, and Thailand. During his travels, Tony realized that these cultures appreciated tea for what it really is, tea free of flavors and additives. Tony saw potential for such a tea culture in the United States. Not a culture built on the hysteria of market buzzwords and health claims, but an accessible culture built on authentic tea and tea preparation. Since 2008 he has been spreading the joy of tea and tea culture with nearly everyone he meets. Tony owned and operated Chicago Tea Garden from 2009 to 2012 and moved from Chicago to the Bay Area in 2014 where he now helps David Lee Hoffman run The Phoenix Collection.


  1. John

    Thanks for wonderful information on tea gathered in “World of Tea.” As I lived in China during my childhood, Im great fan of teas. However, its been only lately since I really started becoming a ‘tea-nerd.’ As it is, tea I believe is a great cultural and nutrional product. My question is do you believe teas should be consumed as it was meant to produced? Or do you believe tea culture is something that should be easily approached and spread? Contradictory to coffee culture, there is something within tea culture that has its special lines drawn around…which makes other people to come closer (especially in South Korea and for young adults-20/30s)

    Thank you the notice :)

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  3. Esther

    Dear, Tony
    I’m Esther, live in South Korea. I’m learning Tea because I want to be a Tea Sommelier.
    There are many data about Tea in WORLD OF TEA.
    Thank you.

  4. Shenalie Goonewardene

    In your new Book or next edition You should devote some pages to Ceylon Tea, For that, I see you have not visited Sri Lanka. Wish you good luck in your effort.

  5. Brad Yasar

    I love your site and passion for tea something we both share. Thank you for the hard work!

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