About Tony

Tea Expert Tony Gebely

Tony Gebely is a tea lover first and a digital strategist second. His tea life began in 2005 with a month-long trip to China, and continued to flourish during his travels throughout Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Nepal in 2008. Tony was the founder of the now closed Chicago Tea Garden but has maintained a presence in the tea world since. He has consulted on many tea projects and spent 8 months apprenticing under David Lee Hoffman. He has helped spread tea culture with his tea tastings and writings and is finishing up work on his forthcoming book, “Tea: A User’s Guide.

Tony’s work in the digital strategy space has helped many organizations find their voice online. Check out his LinkedIn page for details: 

Tony is available for consulting work with digital strategy projects, tea projects, and projects that encompass both digital strategy and tea. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested.