Tea Drinker Profile: Brian Pfeifer

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Name: Brian Pfeifer
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Occupation: I’ll be a DOS (English Teacher + manager + teacher trainer) as soon as I finish this dissertation. 
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, but in August I’m moving to Shanghai, China.

Do you drink tea at work?: At school, and at my last job I brewed up a bit travel mug of tea or a big Nalgene bottle of iced tea.

Interests: History, hiking, spaceflight, and tea.

Favorite Tea Variety: For me, it’s not about the general variety, but rather exceptional quality of each tea brewed and drunk. The only thing I’m not a fan of is Assam/Ceylon teas.
Favorite tea: I start every day with a cup of Japanese Sencha so I have to include that as a favorite. I also have a passion for Pu-erh. In both cases, I cannot name an individual brand because I enjoy variety and trying out new sources.
How long have you been into tea?: About six years.

What got you started with tea?: It started when we were living in Japan and were surrounded by tea as a normal part of work/restaurant/polite culture. Then we had a short trip to Hong Kong that really opened our eyes. We were lucky enough to take a two hour course in a little shop beside the Night Market that taught us the basics of gongfu brewing technique. My wife and I have been learning and practicing and researching ever since.

How do you store your tea?: I put the teas I most commonly drink into tins that we have accumulated over the years. Some teas come in resealable pouches or bags, and I don’t mind using those. I have a few teas in zip-lock bags because I have nothing better to put them in.

Flavored Tea?: I drink some flavored/scented teas, but I prefer ones from the same companies that produce high quality pure teas. That way they are more likely to start with a high grad tea as the base rather than just masking mediocre or poor tea with heavy perfumes.

Do you also drink coffee?: No, just never liked the stuff.

What is the perfect setting for drinking tea?: I have two: First, I really appreciate the aesthetic of the Japanese teahouse situated in a garden, especially when one wall is open to the garden. It creates a space that is separate from the mundane world allowing the tea drinker to simply be.  The bubbling and splashing of water masks the sounds of the outside world as foliage masks the sights of the outside world. It is a great way to take a break and re-center oneself. The Second setting I really enjoy is walking into a teashop in Japan, Taiwan, or Korea and sitting down at the table while the tea master/proprietor brews and serves a wide selection of his offerings. It’s a great setting for exploring new teas, sharing culture, and making new friends. There is nothing quite so extraordinary as chatting over a cup of truly amazing tea.

How many cups of tea do you drink a day?: Three to eight cups of tea.

Twitter Name: @bpfeifer

Facebook Page:Brian Pfeifer

Website: http://www.sabletower.com/tea/

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