Tea Drinker Profile: Brittiny Lawson

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Name: Brittiny Lawson
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Occupation: Secretary/Marketing
Location: Indiana

Do you drink tea at work?: I make tea at home, put it in a travel mug, and then drink it at work in the morning.  Because I only work half days, that is all the tea that I drink at work.  I normally drink black teas in the morning and save the greens and whites for the afternoon and evenings when I’m home.

Interests: Tea, of course.  I also like reading all types of books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs.  I enjoy playing video games.  I also have interests in photography, philosophy, and psychology.  Writing daily journal entries and weekly blog posts are also things I am interested in.

Favorite Tea Variety: Green Tea
Favorite tea: Sencha
How long have you been into tea?: Three years

What got you started with tea?: A trip to Indianapolis got me started with tea.  My boyfriend, who is a chef, and his dad love food.  While on a trip to the capital city, we stopped at Whole Foods so they could pick up some ingredients that they couldn’t find locally.  I wondered away from them discussing which cheese they wanted to buy and eventually found myself in the tea and coffee isle.  My family consists of mostly coffee drinkers in which tea is used only if one has a cold.  Because of that, I was astounded to find out that there was more to tea than just the Lipton brand and that it could be made into a delicious beverage, not just a medicinal home remedy.  I asked my boyfriend why there was an entire half of an isle dedicated to tea.  He explained what he knew including the different types of tea.  He also mentioned that he used to drink green tea a lot while in college studying for his culinary degree in Chicago.  Once we were home, I jumped on the internet to find out everything I could about tea… and fell in love with it.

How do you store your tea?: Right now, I keep it in the bag or container that it comes in and try to make it as air tight as possible.  Then I place them on the shelves of my makeshift tea cabinet in which the cabinet is salvaged parts of an old computer desk.  I would like to invest in air tight storage containers, eventually.

Flavored Tea?: It depends on the tea and the blend.  I mostly enjoy tea by itself because tea alone has a rather complex flavor.  However, I like some flavored teas as long as the added flavoring works with the flavor of tea and doesn’t mask it.  I greatly dislike the “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” type of blends that add too many flavors in which the original tea flavor becomes lost.

Do you also drink coffee?: Kind of.  I have never had plain coffee.  In rare moments that I have consumed coffee it has always been some type of mocha blend either hot or iced.

What is the perfect setting for drinking tea?: A place that is quiet and aesthetic.  I will listen to music while making tea, but once it is made I shut off the music, sip the tea, look out the window, and relax.

How many cups of tea do you drink a day?: On average, about three cups a day.

Twitter Name: @IdentiTEA

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kokomo-IN/My-Steeped-IdentiTEA/22509601394?ref=ts&__a=20&

Website: http://www.mysteepedidentitea.blogspot.com

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  1. I am very excited for this series on tea drinkers. It should help us all to get to know each other better, and to see that tea isn’t just for your grandma anymore!

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