James Norwood Pratt’s Tea Dictionary: Camellia

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Camellia: Botanical genus to which the tea species and its varieties belong, named for Georg Josef Kamel, a German Jesuit missionary who lived in Japan during the latter half of the 1600s and classified the plants he found in Asia. The Camellia genus includes 81 different Camellia varieties besides tea, like the garden flower Camellia japonica.

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  1. My favorite quote from that Pratt is, “Over the ensuing centuries Chinese styles were to pervade every aspect of Japanese culture, from fellatio and flower arranging to the art of suicide. Tea caught on fast.” Pervade is right. I did a thesis on tea, culture and language in Japan and he knows nothing about any of these. Pratt is an appropriate name for that guy.

  2. Camellia is Called Chahua in Chinese, it is very beatiful and of high value for medicine, it has efficacy for epistaxis, hemoptysis and cough.

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