Kenyan Tea Prices at Record High

Reuters reported this week that Kenyan tea prices were at a record high, mostly from concerns that the next harvest will be bad due to foretasted bad weather. Read the full report here [].
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The Manufacturing of Tea in India

In 1883, Edward Money published this great work on the state of the tea industry in India. He goes into the different regions of India, how to set up a tea garden, grow the tea, harvest the tea, process the tea. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know! Here are some photo excerpts: The best part about this is that it is available for download for free @ Enjoy!
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Boh Tea Plantation Fields in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

A Visit to the BOH Tea Plantation in Malaysia

In July 2008, I was backpacking through Malaysia and was able to visit the largest tea plantation in Southeast Asia-the BOH tea plantation. It was a great experience. If you find yourself in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, be sure to visit a tea plantation. There were rows and rows of tea plants as far as the eye could see. I took a tour of the processing plant and was able to see their process. Their process was described to us as we walked through the factory; they broke it down into each stage: plucking, withering, rolling, fermentation (oxidation), drying
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