Tea for iPhone Now Available

iPhone Developer Sam Iglesias (@siglesias) announced today that Tea for iPhone (@teaapp) has been released in Appleʼs iTunes App Store. Tea for iPhone is a new iOS application that gives tea drinkers a convenient way to store their tasting notes and brew settings, with simple one-tap sharing for Facebook and Twitter. Tea also has a built in timer that remembers settings for all inputted teas as well as an Inventory Tracker that automatically calculates how many brews are remaining of each tea. Tea also recognizes over 700 tea names and 15 tea types to provide temperature and steep time suggestions. “The idea for Tea came a while
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Online Tea Communities

Just wanted to share a bunch of tea communities with you that I’ve been following over the years: Badger and Blade Forums Leafbox Tea Forums: Tea Subreddit: Tea-Mail Tea Advisor: Rec.Food.Drink.Tea: Tea Chat: Twitter: Using the hash-tag #tea Steepster:
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Hacker’s Guide to Tea

TL;DR: All tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. If you are drinking something that did not come from this plant (chamomile, mint, tulsi, rooibos, etc. it is not tea). White, Green, Oolong, Yellow, Black and Pu-erh teas all come from the varieties and cultivars of the camellia sinensis plant and the type and style of tea is determined by the processing methods used on the plucked leaves. Tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes mental acuity. The combination of L-theanine and caffeine creates a sense of “mindful awareness.” Tea can be prepared in any vessel by steeping the
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Zisha Clay and Lead

Lead Testing a Cheap Yixing Pot

It is believed that some tea-ware coming from China may contain lead. Especially pots supposedly made of Zisha clay from Yixing, China. A few years back there was a thread in TeaChat about this, no one found any lead when using home test kits. I tried it with the cheapest “yixing” pot I could find (more about why this probably isn’t even a yixing pot in another post) online — $5.00. I smashed the pot with a hammer and then ground up the pieces until the pot was reduced to a pile of bits. I wanted to test the greatest
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Samovar’s Rebirth Party

Often times in life, an unfortunate situation will give rise to something positive.  Thursday night at Samovar was no exception. Last June, a car crashed into the side of Samovar’s Sanchez Street location.  No one was seriously hurt, though it was obviously a frightening day for everyone involved.  The “re-birth” of Samovar’s original location was a chance to welcome patrons back to their neighborhood tea lounge and let them take a look at the store’s renovations, which owner Jesse Jacob’s described as more of “facelift.”  Dark-paneled, wooden floors were put in, along with more elevated seating around the now infamous
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Tea Drinker Profile: Nick Bastone

Name: Nick Bastone Sex: Male Age: 22 Occupation: 4th Year History/Rhetoric Major at UC Berkeley Location: Berkeley, CA Do you drink tea at work?: Having some right now… Interests: Good tea, good conversation, surfing, golfing, writing. Favorite Tea Variety: Oolongs Favorite tea: Tieguanyin Light Roast, though I just had some Zealong Pure that was pretty awesome How long have you been into tea?: A couple of my buddies (Dylan Jhaveri and Marlon Molinare, founders of Chan Teas) were serving tea in the traditional Gong Fu Cha style and I had to figure out what it was all about.  Since I
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Corey - Tiananmen

Tea Drinker Profile: Corey Cooper

Name: Corey Cooper Sex: Male Age: 29 Occupation: Education Consulting, tea sourcing, tea blogging Location: Beijing, China Do you drink tea at work?: I like to drink green tea or black tea at work, as proper gong fu brewing is not as essential to the experience.    Xi Hu Long Jing (西湖龙井) green tea as well as a nice Qimen Hong (祁门红) black tea are making it into my mug these days.  For a change of pace, I will brew some Dian Hong (滇红), a delicious black tea from Yunnan with a fragrant smell, orange and cinnamon notes. Interests: Tea
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Drinking green tea doesn’t lower breast cancer risk [via: Consumer Reports]

clipped from In the new study, researchers looked at data on nearly 54,000 middle-aged women in Japan. Over five years, the participants completed two detailed questionnaires asking about their health, lifestyle, and diet, including their consumption of green tea. The researchers then tracked who developed breast cancer. On average, the study followed the women for 13.6 years. The researchers found no difference in breast cancer risk based on how much green tea the women drank. Those who consumed five or more cups a day were just as likely to develop breast cancer as those who drank less than one
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Ineeka’s Green Tea Beer

I had a chance to try Ineeka’s Green Tea Beer at Lush in Chicago last week. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now. Ineeka is a tea company based in Chicago known for their inventive take on the tea bag. Not much can be found regarding the type of green tea known, I only know it is from the Himalayas. About the brewing of this beer, the bottle notes that it is brewed in Holland. The beer is a great reddish/orange color with scents of honey and bread. It is very refreshing and the taste is both
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Tea Drinker Profile: Torsten Voigt

Name: Torsten Voigt Sex: Male Age: 26 Occupation: Self-employed with my Teashop TEE-ECK Location: Germany/ Thuringia / Eisenach Do you drink tea at work?: Yes, only tea! China Lung Ching, Bai Mu Dan, Assam in the evening…Porcelain cups and bowls! Interests: Tea, Whisky, Taste, Friends and cooking Favorite Tea Variety: White and Pu Erh! Very different! Favorite tea: At the moment white tea Bai Mu Dan King. Fresh, light and with a long taste! My all time favorite is China Lung Ching Tea. How long have you been into tea?: Seven Years. 2003 Self-employed person at 2005. What got you
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