Christmas Tree Tea

You’re right, its not really tea. There’s no tea included. I found this curious product at the Ferry Building’s Saturday Farmers Market in San Francisco a few weeks ago. What you get for around $7.00 is 20 tea-bags filled with douglas fir tips. From the box: “this tea [tea? really?] is made with hand-gathered, sustainably-wild-harvested Douglas Fir Tips. Although nothing that comes from the wild can be certified organic, since this term applies only to farm-grown produce, our Douglas Fir is harvested in pristine wilderness that has never seen any chemicals and is probably more natural than the most organic of organic farms.” This brewed up a sweet, lemony, foresty liquor. I really felt as if I was drinking Christmas trees. I did not expect this to brew up sweet, but the sweetness was perfectly balanced with the taste of evergreen. Its a pretty cool holiday herbal. You can find this product online at Juniper Ridge’s web site: