Elephants Trample Tea Garden in Eastern India [via:NDTV]

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elephants_trample_tea“On Thursday a herd of around 25 wild elephants trampled a tea garden in the Doars region of India’s West Bengal state.” The elephants are losing their natural homes as humans are expanding their holds on the land. These elephants completely destroyed the tea garden. Click here to watch video footage.

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  1. My hope for mankind is to be able to coexist on a global level with all of nature. One would think that tea would be able to bring peace and a harmonic balance to society, guess not in this deplorable situation.

  2. What’s sad is how intelligent those elephants really are. How could anyone not feel like they’re wonderful, beautiful creatures?

  3. Wow, that is completely said on both accounts, the ruined tea garden and the elephants being pushed out of their homes.

    Thank you for sharing…

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