Give the gift of Matcha: Matcha Source's Matcha Kits

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Do you have a tea-lover in your life and don’t have a clue what to get them for the holidays? Have they tried matcha? offers several matcha kits for a low-cost foray into the world of high-quality matcha. You get everything you need to start drinking one of the healthiest teas on the planet. For $69.00, you get: a 30 gram tin of Morning Matcha Classic Grade Organic Matcha, a 100 prong bamboo whisk for frothing tea, a stainless sifter (to rid the matcha of clumps and provide for a smoother brew), a bamboo tea scoop, a ceramic matcha bowl from Japan, and a beautifully illustrated detailed how-to guide.

Lets have a look:

Check out more matcha from top tea stores at the Tea Finely Brewed marketplace.

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  1. Have you ever tried matcha from O-Cha? How does Matcha Source’s quality compare? Bec is a huge matcha fan, and so far we have stuck to O-Cha (cheaper shipping to Australia, for one). But it would be good to try some different brands.

  2. What a pretty presentation. Love the images. Do you do your own photography?

    1. I do. I’ve been working on an area in my house to take these photos. I’m getting to where I want to be. Thanks for the comment!

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