Ineeka’s Green Tea Beer

by Tony Gebely 170 views0


I had a chance to try Ineeka’s Green Tea Beer at Lush in Chicago last week. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now. Ineeka is a tea company based in Chicago known for their inventive take on the tea bag. Not much can be found regarding the type of green tea known, I only know it is from the Himalayas. About the brewing of this beer, the bottle notes that it is brewed in Holland.

The beer is a great reddish/orange color with scents of honey and bread. It is very refreshing and the taste is both light and clean. The astringency of the green tea mixes with the bitterness of the hops to create a very well rounded hoppy taste. Other than the astringency, I could not taste tea in any way. The beer was very refreshing and would be wonderful on a hot summer day. Check your local beer distributor for this and other “tea beers” of the moment such as Dogfish Head’s Sah’Tea — brewed with chai tea, or Goose Island’s Sai-shan-tea beer — brewed with Rare Tea Cellar’s Emperor’s Lemon Meritage tea.

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