An Introduction to James Norwood Pratt’s Tea Dictionary

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James Norwood Pratt is best known for his book, New Tea Lover’s Treasury. Considered an authority on tea and tea lore, he has spent much of his life disseminating the way of tea to America and the West. His latest book, the Tea Dictionary includes terminology for the cultivation, manufacture, tasting, trading, marketing, and classification of tea: some of which has not been translated to the English language until now. Pratt collaborated with Dr. Chen Zhongmao (now Honorary Chairman of China’s Tea Research Institute), Devan Shah and Ravi Sutodiya to create this 370-page book.

The dictionary also includes a  timeline of tea history, maps, and photography, principally by Yoon Hee Kim. Whether you are in the industry, or are a tea-lover looking to expand your knowledge of tea, James Norwood Pratt’s Tea dictionary is a great thing to have by your side.

Every Wednesday, starting on August 11, 2010 I will post one randomly selected entry from the tea dictionary in full. I think this will be a great opportunity to learn a new tea tidbit each week, and to really see the value of the information in this dictionary. If you want to read more about the dictionary or to pick up  a copy, click here.

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