Lochan Online Tea Tasting Event [via 39Steeps]

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There has been a new trend in tea tasting events – online tea tastings. This may seem odd, but some of the best teas come from farmers with no access to tea-shops in the West, and that is where tea tastings are traditionally held. I think it is a great idea, I think it brings us all closer to the tea producers, cutting out the middle-men – thus giving us access to a wider variety of potentially better teas. In this way, we can all source tea, we don’t always have to let someone do the work for us – and this is the adventure of tea. Read more on 39Steeps: http://39steeps.blogspot.com/2009/10/lochan-tea-tasting-event.html

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  1. I don’t think it sounds odd at all. One thing I’ve wanted very much is to connect with tea farmers in Yunnan China. There would need to be some representative since the ethnic farmers wouldn’t easily communicate in English. But there are plenty of people in Yunnan who might want to do this, and have the ability. To be able to source all kinds of Puerh without a Western store, well, those connections would be priceless. –Teaternity

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