Mauna Kea's Sweet Roast Green Tea

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I have tried some great new teas out of Hawaii. It is really exciting to be able to try something so new. I received this package of “Sweet Roast Green Tea” from Mauna Kea. The leaves looked like no other tea leaves I had ever seen. Almost appearing as if they had been plucked, baked, then coarsely shopped. They were flat and jagged. The instructions on the bag said that this was meant to be an iced tea. “Brew 1/4 cup of tea in 2 litres boiling water for 2 min. Strain. Enjoy Chilled.” Now 1/4 cup of leaves — is  A LOT of tea, but 2 litres of water is a large serving as well. So I followed their suggested directions, put the result in the refrigerator, and the end result was a very nice, slightly sweet iced green tea. I really enjoyed this. I’m not really an iced- tea person, but this came out delightful and no sweeteners were necessary. I’m still curious as to the processing of these leaves though — can anyone offer me any insight?

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  1. I am not really a iced tea person either but this sounds like it would be nice!

  2. I love Hawaiian green teas, and imagine that they would make great iced teas. Yum.

  3. OOO I am SO the iced tea person, send me some I’ll be happy to try it for you!!! :-)

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