Mellow Monk's Genmaicha

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I’ve always had a fascination with genmaicha which is– green tea mixed with roasted rice. The rice imparts a nutty, toasty flavor. I had a great experience with genmaicha in Thailand nonetheless and have not yet been able to reproduce it… until now. I’ve tried cheap supermarket genmaicha (right side of image), and found the taste to be very bland — without any real nutty flavor or even tea flavor for that matter. I decided I needed to try a higher grade genmaicha. Enter Mellow Monk teas. Mellow Monk’s Harmony Genmaicha tea (left side of image) has a greener leaf, and brews up lighter — however, it brews up a perfect balance of nutty and green tea flavor. I cannot stop drinking this stuff. Do yourself a favor and try this great tea.


Another reason why Mellow Monk is respectable is because they buy from family-run traditional Japanese tea farms. Go Mellow Monk!

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  1. I was so enamored with Genmaicha for a while that I made a batch of my own with some stale Sencha leaves I had. I roasted/steamed the rice myself and that turned out pretty well. The scent and flavor of the rice covered the inadequacies of the Sencha. It was a successful experiment. –Spirituality of Tea

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