Tea Drinker Profile: Nicole Martin

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Name: Nicole Martin
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Occupation: I’m the store manager of a pet boutique that also does dog daycare and pet grooming. 
Location: Bayonne, NJ.

Do you drink tea at work?: I rarely get to drink tea at work since I’m always on the move. When I do it is normally a green tea or chai latte from the Starbucks down the street.

Interests: Outside of tea I love anything to do with the outdoors, especially camping and hiking. I’m also very active in Girl Scouting and am an advisor for three troops. I also enjoy photography, genealogy and horseback riding.

Favorite Tea Variety: Oolong.
Favorite tea: My absolute favorite tea is the Huang Zhi Xiang (Yellow Sprig) Dan Cong Oolong  from Seven Cups . I even have a yixing pot dedicated to it.
How long have you been into tea?: I started to take a real interest in tea about three years ago.

What got you started with tea?: I’ve been drinking bagged tea my whole life. In college I began trying some different kinds of tea at the grocery store. I saw a magazine article about flowering teas and thought they looked really cool. Soon after that I became a staff reviewer for Teaviews.com.

How do you store your tea?: I mostly store them in the containers they come in or in airtight tins.

Flavored Tea?: I tend to prefer unflavored teas. I do have a few select favorites though.

Do you also drink coffee?: Not at all. I can’t stand the taste of it.

What is the perfect setting for drinking tea?: I love drinking tea outdoors. It’s so relaxing and peaceful.

How many cups of tea do you drink a day?: On a good day I’ll drink around 10 cups.

Twitter Name: @teaformeplease

Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/nicoleannmartin

Website: http://teaformeplease.blogspot.com

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