No Bullshit Tea Companies

Someone recently asked me how many tea companies exist right now that have made a commitment to only sell pure tea. I didn’t have an answer, so I started searching, and with the help of my friends on Twitter and Reddit, I came up with the following list. The criteria for the list:

  • the tea company must sell tea in loose or compressed form only, no tea bags or sachets
  • all tea sold by the company must be unflavored, unscented, and free of inclusions with the following traditional exceptions being made:
    • Black tea flavored / scented with bergamot
    • White or green tea scented with jasmine
    • Tea with spice inclusions (masala chai)
    • Ginseng oolong
    • Chinese blooming teas
    • Genmaicha
  • tea companies that meet the above criteria and also have a separate section for herbal tisanes are allowed on the list
  • if a company meets all of the above criteria and has 2 or fewer  scented teas on their website, they may be allowed on the list

This is an experiment, if a company does not meet the above criteria, it will not be listed.

Asha Tea House

Es Green

The Essence of Tea

Floating Leaves


Hou De Asian Art & Fine Teas

In Pursuit of Tea


Jing Teashop

Life in Teacup

Little Red Cup

Mellow Monk

Min River Tea Farm

Norbu Tea

O5 Tea

Phoenix Tea Shop

Rare Tea Company

Red Blossom Tea Company

Seven Cups

Shang Tea

Silk Road Teas

Tao of Tea

Taiwan Tea Crafts


Tea from Taiwan

Tea Spring

Wan Ling Tea House

Yunnan Sourcing

Yuuki Cha

Vicony Teas

Am I missing any? Feel free to let me know what company I am missing and why you think they belong on this list.