Pakistanis facing sugar shortage: putting candy in tea [via: Reuters]

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Due to a bad sugarcane crop, Pakistan is facing a massive sugar shortage. As tea is a daily staple in Pakistani life, tea with large amounts of sugar, the people of Pakistan have resorted to adding candies to their tea to sweeten it: “As Pakistanis face an acute shortage of sugar, some families have found an easily available alternative to sweeten their tea: instead of a spoonful of sugar, they dissolve sweets in their tea.” Read the whole story at

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  1. Oh, not a bad thing at all, can you imagine a nice black tea with a peppermint candy dissolving in it! oooo YUM, the possibilites!

  2. That’s not really such a bad thing. Jams, preserves, and such have often been used as an alternative to pure sugar because of their sweetness in mixing with tea.

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