Pu-erh Flower Beencha

by Tony Gebely 479 views4


I’m not even sure what to call this. This is a beencha of pressed camellia sinensis flowers! Opening the wrapper I was greeted by an amazingly fresh, flowery fragrance.

When steeped, the flowers basically re-blossom and release a sweet, slightly pungent and nutty liquor.

Not sure how to steep this tea, I did a 1:30 infusion @ 195F and it was delicious.

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  1. I have about 8 of these Bingchas as well (left over stock ). If your interested I can sell you some for $20 a bingcha. Let me know if your interested, email me at max@ddrinkyourtea.com

  2. depends on how much the cost is. say i want 1, say i want 11, say i want 111

  3. do you know how i can get this other than traveling to Asia!?

    1. i have access to some, how many did you need?

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