Review: Lu Shan Yun Wu from Dream About Tea

by Tony Gebely 177 views0

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I’ve been itching to get my hands on some of this green tea for some time, and Lainie Petersen just happened to give me a bit:

This tea looks awesome, its tiny and wiry leaves steeped up a beautiful light-green liquor that had a very subtle taste with no astringency whatsoever! I definitely recommend this tea for a simple green tea if astringency is not your thing. Dream About Tea’s site says: “This is a rare and unusual Chinese green tea, grown in Lu Shan, Jiangxi, China. The dry leaf is dark green, small, and twisted, and infuses to a lovely light green in the cup. This creamy-bodied tea possesses notes of hazelnut and baby spinach. It is also slightly salty, making it a most satisfying tea on colder days.”

See it here:–2-o2.html

Also here is a link to a post on the Tea Round Table with a link to a YouTube video with Jesse Jacobs of Samovar and James Norwood Pratt: