Samovar’s Rebirth Party

Often times in life, an unfortunate situation will give rise to something positive.  Thursday night at Samovar was no exception.

Last June, a car crashed into the side of Samovar’s Sanchez Street location.  No one was seriously hurt, though it was obviously a frightening day for everyone involved.  The “re-birth” of Samovar’s original location was a chance to welcome patrons back to their neighborhood tea lounge and let them take a look at the store’s renovations, which owner Jesse Jacob’s described as more of “facelift.”  Dark-paneled, wooden floors were put in, along with more elevated seating around the now infamous corner window.

At the event, different teas were being poured at different sections of the lounge: Chai in the front, Ryokucha at the bar, Bai Hao in the corner, and a loose-leaf Pu’erh at the back.  The most memorable tea for me was the roasted Sencha also being poured at the bar.  Vegetable kabobs, Greek dolmades, and butternut squash pot stickers were being served as well.

Thursday night’s rebirth party was a great way to reconnect with “the regulars” and also greet new guests to the store.  It was a night of good tea and good conversation.  Both of which are never lacking at Samovar.