Tea 4:20 Edition: Smoking Tea

Update: there has been some information circulating the internet about this growing trend of smoking tea from tea-bags. This can be very harmful to your health. Smoking tea does not get you high, however you are inhaling carbon monoxide which could make you lightheaded.

There is a bit of information online about the healthful effects of smoking tea leaves. I do not condone this, I would not try this, I’m not telling you to try this — I believe that smoking anything is harmful to your health, but I wanted to see if I could dig up any information on people that have been smoking tea.

After a bunch of searching, I found many forums with people asking if it is safe to smoke tea leaves. Some people have tried this and have claimed to feel relaxed after doing so. I even found an article from my friends at TChing: http://www.tching.com/2009/01/smoking-green-tea-is-it-safe-to-light-up/

I have read several accounts of Chinese families smoking tea from a hookah, but I can not find any evidence whatsoever as to the historical significance behind this. It seems to be something people try when they are short of cash and are willing to smoke anything to get some sort of a high.

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See Dr. Oolong take a hit from a tea joint in this video: