Tea Drinker Profile: Rachana Carter

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Name: Rachana (Rachel) Carter
Sex: Female
Age: 33
Occupation: Some Retail – Primarily a Stay-At-Home Mom.
Location: Suburb of Chicago.

Do you drink tea at work?: At work I drink Adagio’s RTD Green Tea – Anteadote.

Interests: First, I am an absolute addict of all things tea.  I love the chance at trying new teas and coveting old favorites. The infinite possibilities of flavor excites me and the fact that I will never be bored amazes me.  I also enjoy scrapbooking and cardmaking, but I must say I am a bit of sci-fi and computer geek.  That includes, all Star Trek movies and shows, Star Wars, Stargate, and well anything “Star” I suppose.  I do like my Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama, King of The Hill, and American Dad.  I don’t think it gets any more geeky than that.  The best part is that tea works well with any thing I do or watch be it formal or informal.  A friend that is always with me and works to fit any of my infinite moods.

Favorite Tea Variety: Not sure if I have a favorite but I am always itching for a delicious oolong.
Favorite tea: I have several… Black – Banaspity Bliss/ LeafSpa Tea, Black Flavored – Sweet Velvet Fog a Signature Blend I created on Adagio, Oolong – Milk Oolong/ThePuriTea, Pouchong – Coconut Pouchong/Golden Moon Tea, Green – Gyokuro/TeaGschwendner, Green Flavored – Green Coconut/TeaGschwendner, Honeybush – Lemon Drop Cooler/52Teas, I know that is a lot but I just don’t have an absolute favorite not to mention it can still change.

How long have you been into tea?: Since the first cup of homemade Indian Chai my mother made when I was a child.

What got you started with tea?: I needed to find a tea.

How do you store your tea?: Usually in the packaging provided.  However, if needed in airtight containers.

Flavored Tea?: Yes, I actually enjoy flavored and unflavored.  Although, I generally do not like adding any milk or sweetener to a tea.

Do you also drink coffee?: Yes, I too love a good cup of coffee but I have at most about 3 cups a week. My preference is tea.

What is the perfect setting for drinking tea?: A quiet, peaceful place or at least somewhere I can close my eyes for a minute and transport myself to my “Happy” place; and it isn’t your Happy Gilmore “Happy” place either. LOL :-)

How many cups of tea do you drink a day?: At least 5 cups hot and one cold bottled tea.

Twitter Name: @RachelKCarter

Website: MyTeasandMore.com and iHeartTeas.com both under construction.

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  1. Michele if I really had to pick one for now I would say…Milk Oolong from ThePuriTea. I really have favorites for each of my various moods. :-)

  2. Thanks for this opportunity it such great fun getting to know new fans and make new friends in the community. Thanks Tony. :-)

  3. The variety of tea is so large it is no wonder you do not have a favorite.

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