Tea Pig's Name and Shame Campaign

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I don’t usually like to tout tea companies, and I’ve never even tried tea from this company but “Tea Pigs” in the UK has begun their “Name and Shame” campaign.

They have a form on their website called “Name and Shame a Purveyor of  Slop” where a customer can “shame” a cafe or tea shop that is serving terrible tea. Not only is this hilarious, but it is an awesome way to promote tea education — because these claims will undoubtedly raise the question: “What makes the tea bad?”

From Caterersearch:
The company wants 2009 to be a ‘year of great tea’, and has ‘pledged to lead from the front, on a mission which is nothing short of changing Britain one cup at a time’.

The latest step in their ‘mission’ is an online ‘name and shame’ project in which customers can report cafés which have served them unacceptable tea.

Over 150 consumers have already signed up to a ‘demand for real tea’ petition, receiving a pack of Teapigs breakfast tea in return, and several dozen have already named venues which they believe to be serving poor tea.

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  1. This is great. If only there were “name and shame” websites for every restaurant, cafe, and every other business in the service industry that could be more popular than just the average review sites.

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