The Tea Round Table Opens to the Public & Contest Details

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We agree, twitter is great, but it has one problem. When topics that are important to a community are discussed, we need them to be saved, and to be accessible by all. Twitter is a great place for us to meet new people, but The Tea Round Table [] is a great place for us to discuss the world of tea long term. The vision behind the Tea Round Table is to bring people together to network on a smaller scale, collaborate, and learn. By providing an online meeting place, the goal of The Tea Round Table is to create a closer-knit community you can come back to with questions, ideas, and even off-topic discussion with people who all share a love for tea.

Today is the first time the Round Table is open to the general public, so feel free to look around and sign up! As today is the first day, we have a special prize in store for a special member, thanks to Billy Shall of Narien Teas [], the first member of the forum to contribute 25 topics to the forums will receive a one year’s supply of tea. In order for these topics to be considered valid they must be meaningful and be spread across multiple forum categories (moderators and administrators have discretion over this).  Best of luck members and new members to be! If you don’t win this time around, don’t worry – there will be more contests down the line. Please share this new community with your friends!

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  1. Congratulations!
    Let’s sit around the tea table.

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