Young Raw Pu-erh Deserves More Recognition [via: Puerh Tea Community]

An interesting post came up today on the puerh tea community, and I wholeheartedly agree with what Linda Louie had to say: “Most attention about Pu-erh tea has been paid to the aged Pu-erh. There is a consensus in the Pu-erh community that Pu-erh tea is “the older it gets, the better it is.” Don’t get me wrong. I love aged Pu-erh because it possess qualities that no other teas can match. However, young raw Pu-erh should not be devalued either. Unlike the old days, many young raw Pu-erhs manufactured today are made of premium leaves and from a single mountain. When brewed with lower temperature water and short brewing time, they are light, brisk, fresh and have very comfortable “Qi.” Although young Pu-erh generally has more caffaine as compared to aged Pu-erh, it gives a good “pick-me-up” during the day. Young raw Pu-erh has features similar to green tea, except it is more flavorful, can last multiple brewing and richer in nutrients as they are made with the broad leave species. The old belief that “newly made raw Pu-erh tea is undrinkable” is only a fallacy.”

Wow… well said Linda!

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