2017 Tea Festival and Trade Show Schedule

by Tony Gebely 13

Tea Tasting Image by Terry Madely

There are a growing number of tea festivals, industry trade shows and conferences around the world. This list is an attempt to capture them all and it will be updated as more dates are released. If I have omitted an event that you are aware of, please reach out to me and I will add it to the list. Which ones are you going to? Be sure to chime in the comments below!











Not Yet Scheduled

Photo Credit: Terry Madely

Tony Gebely

Tony has been studying tea for over ten years and has traveled to many tea producing regions throughout Asia. His book, "Tea: A User's Guide" is available now.

Comments (13)

  1. There’s also the Rocky Mountain tea festival in July

    1. Thanks for that! Added to the list.

  2. Hi Tony,
    We have a new tea festival that you might consider including in your list of events.
    September 29 – 30: Pennsylvania Tea Festival in Mechanicsburg, PA (USA) http://www.teafestpa.com

    1. Updated!

  3. Tony:

    Is there a link to the China Beijing International Tea Expo in English and or Chinese?
    The posted link above led me to a page that seems to be in Japanese.


    1. Good catch! Found the correct one, it’s been scheduled in April.

  4. Hello Tony,

    this is something very new yet but this year a tea festival will be held for the first time in Italy.
    This is the website: http://www.in-te.it/
    the dates are 7-8-9th of April 2017

    It would be great if you can add it to the list


    1. Thanks for the tip! Added!

  5. Hello Tony,
    For beginners in this industry, which events do you recommend ?
    Thanks a lot !

  6. Hi Tony,
    Pasted below are links to blogs that I wrote on this event that happens every October in Taiwan. It hosts over 200 Tea vendors and puts on all kinds of cultural activities. In recent years the expo goes for nine days from Saturday to the following Sunday with the October 10 holiday falling somewhere therein.


  7. There’s going to be a Festival du thé-Québec in Quebec City this May.

    1. Great, thanks! I can’t seem to find mention of it online, can you please send me a link to their website and I’ll add it to the list? Thanks!

      1. I have a PDF of the event. Where can I send it?

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