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Tea Culture / by Rachel Safko -

Say Tea (and Cheese)

Watermelon, ice cream, corn on the cob. Check. Cold beer. Fresh-squeezed lemonade. Check. Then there’s hot tea. Probably not the first thing that comes to mind for hot summer days….

Tea Culture / by Tony Gebely -

Tea Masters Cup: An Exposé

Tea preparation in Russia and several countries in Eastern Europe is sophisticated. Tea there is treated as more of a craft much like third-wave coffee is being treated in the United States. It’s amazing to…

Tea Culture / by Tony Gebely -

2015 Tea Book Roundup

In this article, I cover 9 tea books that came out in 2015. Tea writers are raising the bar with each passing year and there are a few that came…

Tea Culture / by Tony Gebely -

Online Tea Communities

Just wanted to share a bunch of tea communities with you that I’ve been following over the years: Badger and Blade Forums Leafbox Tea Forums: Tea Subreddit:…

Tea Culture / by Tony Gebely -

Pu-erh Ice Cream Float

Alright, I know I’m not into ridiculous flavored teas — the kind where the taste of the tea is lost. But I am a fan of using teas in recipes…

Tea Culture / by Tony Gebely -

Tea 4:20 Edition: Smoking Tea

  Update: there has been some information circulating the internet about this growing trend of smoking tea from tea-bags. This can be very harmful to your health. Smoking tea does…

Tea Culture / by Tony Gebely -

Tea and Gender

There have been no polls or studies in the United States that I’ve seen that reveal the demographics of tea drinkers in the country. But evidence is suggesting that the…