The Average Color of Tea

by Tony Gebely 3

The average color of tea

This is a composite image from photos of 85 different teas spanning green, yellow, white, oolong, black, and post-fermented teas. The “average color of tea” if you will.



Tony Gebely

Tony has been studying tea for over ten years and has traveled to many tea producing regions throughout Asia. His book, "Tea: A User's Guide" is available now.

Comments (3)

  1. I don’t see the educational value, but the idea itself, LOVE IT!

  2. I don’t know if the color looks that appealing, I like a nice crisp color in my tea. I’d love to see a collage made from all the different color teas though, that would be cool 🙂

  3. Fascinating! This is a work of art in itself.

    Many people who know nothing about tea will be thinking, “why isn’t is darker?” or “where’s the brown colour”… it’s a highly educational picture, well done.

    I love it!

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