How to Start an Online Tea Business

by Tony Gebely 2

Bootstrapping an Online Tea business

I get a lot of emails from people asking me how to start an online tea business. I’m not exaggerating, I get A LOT of emails.

How to Start an Online Tea Business

When I closed Chicago Tea Garden the amount of emails I received spiked. Many people in the beginning stages of opening their business asked me if I had any insights to offer or tips for growing the business. I did my best to keep up with all of these emails. I truly want every single person that is passionate about starting a tea company to succeed in doing so.

I began to notice patterns and I began to question the ideas of some of the people writing to me. I realized that this was a highly valuable exercise because the simple act of asking someone to question themselves forced them to come back with bigger and better ideas.  So I spent the past few weeks putting together a very concise list of questions, pitfalls, and recipes for success. Basically, these are things I wish people would have asked me when I started Chicago Tea Garden, things I learned along the way, and things I would do better if given a second chance.

I compiled all of this information in an e-book called “Bootstrapping an Online Tea Business” and it is available today.

The e-book includes a complete marketing plan blueprint for online tea companies, and also covers:

  • Proving to yourself that your idea is awesome
  • Keeping things lawful
  • What technology platforms you’ll need for e-commerce
  • Defining your ideal customer
  • Creating a  kick-ass product line
  • How to write impactful product pages
  • Designing your packaging
  • A complete marketing blueprint
The book is available:

Get the Amazon Kindle Version [here]


Here’s the cover:

Book Cover for "Bootstrapping an Online Tea Business"

Tony Gebely

Tony has been studying tea for over ten years and has traveled to many tea producing regions throughout Asia. His book, "Tea: A User's Guide" is available now.

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