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  • Pu’erh Vendor Mark-Up Followup & Some Clarifications
    Judging from the positive and negative responses in the comments and on facebook to the article published on vendor markup, I clearly hit a certain chord within our small little tea niche. I wanted to post a few quick follow-up thoughts and clarifications.. As some people have mentioned, what is a fair price for a tea is an incredibly complex and personal question that is well beyond the scope of this site. A vendor can ... read more
    Source: TeaDBPublished on July 30, 2016 3:00 am
  • Learn How To Make 3 Classic Tea Cocktails
    Everyone knows how important tea is to living a healthy life: a great diet with some tantalizing tea can make you feel great with every sip. But tea isn’t just a health powerhouse that tastes incredible. It can actually be a significant part of some of the best cocktails you’ll ever try. Because of its many flavor notes and varieties, tea has become a staple in lounges serving unforgettable classic cocktails and flavor-packed fusions. The ... read more
    Source: ArtOfTeaPublished on July 29, 2016 11:00 am
  • Friday Round Up: July 24th – July 30th
    Cups,Crossroads, and the Way of World Tea Expo+Geoffrey Norman's final coverage of  World Tea Expo 2016 gave voice to something I think a lot of bloggers were feeling. What is our place in the industry? How do we become more like +Darlene Meyers Perry?Puerh is Alive+Cwyn N gave us an important reminder, puerh is alive. Tea is often thought of as a static thing but puerh is constantly changing. Storing it can become a hobby in and ... read more
    Source: Tea For Me PleasePublished on July 29, 2016 11:00 am
  • How To: Have Tea On The Beach
    Dearies, we’ve talked a bit about taking your tea on the go. Kat is never without her tea whether it be on an airplane, at a picnic, or even hiking. But in the summer there is another important place that Kat totes her tea- the beach! She actually does both hot and iced teas for beachy afternoons. I thought it would be helpful to do a little ‘how to’ on taking teas to the beach, ... read more
    Source: The Lovely TeacupPublished on July 29, 2016 10:59 am
  • A very simple tea
    Many types of tea are produced using a specific method or cultivar, or on a defined terroir. While most of these teas are made on modestly sized smallholdings, they are sometimes processed on larger premises with bigger facilities, and even in factories that make tea on an industrial scale. The key difference with teas processed traditionally as opposed to industrially manufactured teas is the artisanal quality of the former; this involves skilled work ... read more
    Source: Discovering TeaPublished on July 29, 2016 8:26 am
  • Blast from the Past: Three Years Medicine: Aged White Tea
    When I moved to China in 2010, I had already been interested in tea for about seven years. I had served tea to lots of people all over the world in a purely gregarious sense, and also in a professional capacity as the tea sommelier at the now-defunct Jade Leaves teahouse in Austin, Texas. Every so often, people asked me what my favorite kind of tea was. While I do find that most people gravitate ... read more
    Source: T ChingPublished on July 29, 2016 7:30 am
  • 2015 Green Shroom (w2t)
    Nothing helps a situation like a serious cup of tea. Looming deadlines? Cup of tea. Student trying to convince you to let them submit an unready doctoral thesis, while their primary supervisor has disappeared to South America? Cup of tea. Electricity and water not working while the builders try their hardest to destroy what little remains of your sanity? Cup of tea. No, you're right: ... read more
    Source: The Half-DipperPublished on July 29, 2016 5:34 am
  • Tasting: La Belle Epoque by Lupicia
    This week's tasting brings us back to La Belle Epoque, the golden age of French fashion, culture, and art. Since I don't have a tea Tardis to transport us to late 19th century France, I'm relying on a blend of tea by Lupicia to take us there in spirit. The company recently sent me an attractive tin of black tea called, of course, La Belle Epoque. Since I could use a bit of positive imagery during ... read more
    Source: Tea HappinessPublished on July 28, 2016 8:07 pm
  • Prana Chai
    It has to say something about a drink when I find myself craving a hot version of it yet outside it feels like it's a million degrees and 200% humidity. Air you can wear. Still, I have been drinking chai every night and it is amazingly comforting. It was impossible to walk by the Prana Chai booth at the World Tea Expo and not stop. Front and center they had an enormous bucket of their ... read more
    Source: TeaLover.netPublished on July 28, 2016 7:37 pm
  • Another Short Video on Wrapping a Puer Cake
    I loaded a video on wrapping a puer cake from my previous blog post and I mentioned it was the sweet factory owner. My apologies. That was one of his employees who showed us how to wrap a puer cake.Here it is. This one is from the Puer factory owner. Enjoy! ... read more
    Source: Floating LeavesPublished on July 28, 2016 4:45 pm
  • What People Are Saying About Canadian Tea
    Most know of the first of July being Canada Day but now it is also the day of another historic moment. On that same day Canada celebrated its 149th birthday, Canadian tea came to life and finally was shared with the world. Last year I wrote a featured piece for Fresh Cup magazine’s May issue on Canada’s first tea farm, Westholme Tea Farm (formally known as Teafarm) and I have been following their six year ... read more
    Source: The Tea Cup of LifePublished on July 28, 2016 1:06 pm
  • The Discovery of Tea as a Beverage in China
    Shennong – “The Divine Farmer” and mythical godfather of the discovery of tea as a beverage 1. Legend of the discovery of tea as a beverage Prologue I’m quite sure about everyone will already know the famous legend of the Chinese emperor Shennong and how he discovered tea as a beverage 5000 years ago. After all, the version of the discovery of the suitability of the leaves of Camellia Sinensis for the preparation of a ... read more
    Source: siamteas siamteasPublished on July 28, 2016 9:47 am
  • From Teaopia to CitizenTea
    Does the name David Bellisario sound familiar?  If not, does the name Teaopia?  Teavana?  How about Starbucks?   If the name Starbucks doesn’t, we must be living on separate planets.  But if you work backward from Starbucks, you end up at David Bellisario.  Here’s how: Back in 2005, David Bellisario was just getting his feet wet in the specialty tea industry with a retail concept called Teaopia.  During that same time, he was also ... read more
    Source: T ChingPublished on July 28, 2016 7:30 am
  • Puerh is Alive
    Recently in the heat of our Midwestern summer, one of our tea friends discovered some moldy cakes in her collection. Her tea was stored mostly in plastic bins which she had forgotten to open and air. I think the tea will be fine eventually, but the episode caused some anxiety with a number of other tea friends. I am reminded how puerh is a living food.All stored food is alive, except for things like dried ... read more
    Source: Cwyn’s Death By TeaPublished on July 28, 2016 1:42 am
  • Visiting California Part 1: A New Jar
    Alternate title for new post: How Not to Photograph a Jar. Lighting high gloss ceramic pieces is tricky!Trevor Stimson/Laguna Porcelain made this jar, which I purchased from the artist's wife at their booth at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach (His young daughter excitedly sold some ceramic beads she made to my sister, too). If you're ever in Orange County during their summer or winter festivals, I recommend a visit; they have a handful of ceramic ... read more
    Source: BearsblogPublished on July 27, 2016 9:44 pm
  • Wooree Tea Graffiti Video
    Just a little something different for a tea company. ... read more
    Source: Wooree Tea StoriesPublished on July 27, 2016 4:30 pm
  • Officer Sips Tea With Child He Saved From Choking
    Officer sips tea with child he saved fom choking. Touching video below.  Read the story here: CBS - Dallas, Fort Worth. Read More »THIS TEA NEWS FEED IS SPONSORED AND PUBLISHED BY THE TEA HOUSE TIMES. http://www.theteahousetimes.com ... read more
    Source: Tea House Times Tea ScoopPublished on July 27, 2016 3:44 pm
  • Guys – Want to Find Your Perfect Tea?
    Tea is a powerhouse that’s long believed to improve things like exercise performance while potentially preventing disease and even providing anti-aging benefits. And for men, the value of drinking tea is enormous. But guys usually aren’t the first to ask for a cup of tea. (We get that.) Here’s why you ought to drink more and why tea might be the best gift you could ever give your body! Green Tea Earthy and ... read more
    Source: ArtOfTeaPublished on July 27, 2016 11:00 am
  • The Art and Craft of Tea by Joseph Wesley Uhl + Giveaway
    One of the best things about being part of the tea world is seeing my favorite people do awesome things. When the man behind +Joseph Wesley Black Tea announced that he had written a book on tea I may have done a happy dance. Not only did I know that he really knows his stuff but he has an incredible sense of aesthetic (but I'm sure you already knew that).For starters, the book is beautifully designed both ... read more
    Source: Tea For Me PleasePublished on July 27, 2016 11:00 am
  • White2Tea A&P Hongcha & Fengqing Balls — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #98
    This episode, Meet and James drink through the W2T July club. Two different hongchas, the pressed A&P cake and a Fengqing ball. ... read more
    Source: TeaDBPublished on July 27, 2016 9:58 am
  • The Top Ten Unwritten Rules of Tea Blogging
    Related to talking to a friend new to blogging, I’ve noticed some assumed rules to tea blogging.  It’s always interesting to break one of these rules, to go in an unconventional direction, but I usually explain why I’m covering that scope in posts when I do.   Don’t talk about price This rule is such a given that I didn’t include it in the first draft version.  A recent TeaDB blog post went there though, ... read more
    Source: T ChingPublished on July 27, 2016 7:30 am
  • VisitorsI share my teahutThrough tea and conversationAll are…
    VisitorsI share my teahutThrough tea and conversationAll are welcome here ... read more
    Source: Cha Xi CollectivePublished on July 26, 2016 6:08 pm
  • A Homecoming Moment
    My first run back in Boise, and the sensory overload was instant. The squirrels noisily playing chase in the tree tops, the damp, earthy smell of the river, sparrows, robins, and the cottonwood, which immediately tickled the back of my throat, the intense summer sun. I'm back.Sixteen and a half years ago, my new husband and I packed up both of our cars with all of our earthly possessions and drove to Orange County, California - ... read more
    Source: An International Tea MomentPublished on July 26, 2016 6:07 pm
  • Raw Pu’erh Learning & Basics [Episode 168]
    This episode covers the basics of raw pu’erh and how to brew it and get started on this very diverse category of tea. Teas included are the 2013 Xizihao Xuanxi, 2004 Jianshen Tuo, and 199 Yangqinghao Micang. ... read more
    Source: TeaDBPublished on July 26, 2016 9:41 am
  • Chasen made by Inoue Wakasa
    Chances are that if you own a chasen (tea whisk), it comes from China. They are much cheaper so they easily outsell Japanese ones. I must admit that I also use a Chinese one, so imagine my surprise when I received an authentic Takayama chasen from Ocha & Co,  made by a master craftsman. Thank you very much, Ocha & Co Takayama (高山), in Ikoma city (生駒市), Nara prefecture, is the most famous place ... read more
    Source: My Japanese Green TeaPublished on July 26, 2016 9:36 am
  • 1980s Ti Kuan Yin
     The appearance of a well age tea is a thing of beautyTi Kuan Yin (aka Iron Goddess of Mercy) is a famed variety of Chinese oolong tea that originated from Anxi in Fujian Province. The traditional style of Ti Kuan Yin is processed under a medium to high roast resulting in tea that can be age for many years and even decades. This 30 year old Ti Kuan Yin has shed its roast and fire ... read more
    Source: The Guide to Puerh TeaPublished on July 26, 2016 8:50 am
  • Chocolate Tea – Am I in heaven?
    As the Best Tea Blog on the internet, we receive countless offers to sample and review teas from around the world.  Subsequently, I have become extremely selective in my willingness to sample tea.  I have one prerequisite however which does eliminate many opportunities – it must be organic.  I believe strongly that when we consume something regularly, it should not contain pesticides.  No matter how healthy tea is, if it’s loaded with chemicals and ... read more
    Source: T ChingPublished on July 26, 2016 7:30 am
  • Good News for Tea Drinkers: Caffeine Key to Longer Life
    On the heels of an extensive Harvard study, which last year revealed that coffee drinkers had up to a 15% lower mortality rate than non-coffee drinkers, Chinese scientists have come up with findings that indicate tea drinkers may also live long and prosperously. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Kunming Institute of Botany conducted experiments on Caenorhabditis elegans, or round worms, a species identified as having a similar aging […] The post Good News ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on July 26, 2016 4:49 am
  • T2: Slow and Steady
    Australian tea retailer T2 opened its third store in New York City last week, marking a slow but steady expansion in North America that began in October 2014 when the Unilever-owned company opened its first U.S. Soho boutique. There are now 66 locations with 53 stores in Australia and New Zealand, making T2 the largest tea retailer down under. The fastest growth has been in the United Kingdom where Unilever […] The post T2: Slow ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on July 26, 2016 4:27 am
  • Darjeeling Hopes to Halt Nepal Imports
    India has always been a primary market for loose leaf tea from Nepal. A century ago the demarcation between Nepal and India was of little or no concern to growers who brought their leaves to the nearest factory for processing. Today friction is building between India and Nepal over provisions of the Indo-Nepal Free Trade Agreement (due for renewal in 2017). Indians claim that Nepal is bringing low-cost teas across […] The post Darjeeling Hopes ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on July 26, 2016 4:11 am
  • Tea Polyphenols Studied in Fight Against Neurodegeneration
    By Stephenie Overman Polyphenols in white tea are promising candidates to test for protection against neurodegeneration associated with diabetes, according to Dr. Branca Maria Silva, an associate professor at the University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal. Silva spoke on “Polyphenols as protective agents against neurotoxicity and neurodegeneration: the case of tea polyphenols,” at the 10th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications. The conference was held in Porto, Portugal, under the auspices […] The post Tea Polyphenols ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on July 26, 2016 4:00 am
  • Different shades of fakes
    When we say a tea is fake, what do we really mean? This is really an interesting epistemological problem because not only are we asking what “fake tea” means, but also how we can determine when something is fake. As is the case with a lot of things, there are varying shades of fakeness. I’ll try to go through them from most severe to least severe. 1. Bad tea as good. This is the worst ... read more
    Source: A Tea Addict’s JournalPublished on July 26, 2016 2:04 am
  • Tea Review: Ocha & Co Organic Genmai Matcha Green Tea
    Previously I reviewed an organic sencha tea from Ocha and Co. which was quite good. This week I’ve written about their Organic Genmai Matcha Green Tea which is quite unique because in addition to brown rice and sencha leaves matcha powder is used to make this tea. Genmaicha literally means brown-rice tea and produces very strong toasty aroma. It is a very unique Japanese green tea which is produced by combining either bancha or ... read more
    Source: ChapediaPublished on July 25, 2016 2:58 pm
  • Boost Your Exercise With Tea
    One of the absolute best ways to live a happier and healthier life is to exercise! Before your next workout, skip the energy drink or sugar-packed pre-workout supplement and get a natural boost of energy with a glass of quality tea. Instead of having that jittery feeling or “crash” that comes with artificially made beverages (or even too much coffee), you’ll get a nice, smooth increase of energy from tea that will help power ... read more
    Source: ArtOfTeaPublished on July 25, 2016 11:00 am
  • Podcast Episode 21: World Tea Expo 2016
    Just when you thought I was done with my World Tea Expo coverage, I decided to sneak in one more thing. For this month's podcast episode I put together a slideshow of pictures from my trip (accompanied by my dorky narrations). It was definitely a memorable trip and I was so glad that I got to share the experience with my fiance, Jason.This is the first slideshow that I've made with Adobe Spark, thanks to ... read more
    Source: Tea For Me PleasePublished on July 25, 2016 11:00 am
  • Kanchan View Tea Estate
    Upon reaching the Kanchan view tea garden, we were greeted by a couple of solid iron doors which led to the bungalow in which we were to meet the manager of the place. We went through the muddy roads of Kanchan View to reach the bungalow and greeted the manager who then offered us fresh tea from the day’s production. It had a fine odour, and as Mr. Vivek Lochan was enjoying his cup ... read more
    Source: T ChingPublished on July 25, 2016 7:30 am
  • Behind the Leaf: Yellow Tea
      Dearies we’ve discussed all kinds of white tea, oolong tea, and black teas. But did you know we missed a category from the camellia sinensis plant? Yellow teas are harder to find, but they are a tea type that you all must try. Yellow tea is more time consuming to process, than other teas which makes it less available. There are only three regions in China that process it, Hunan, Sichuan and Anhui ... read more
    Source: The Lovely TeacupPublished on July 25, 2016 5:37 am
  • 2016 Head and Teadontlie white2tea
    This week didn’t quite go as planned for me. My scheme to check on Mr. B vanished in thin air after I took a fall last weekend, resulting in leg and foot injuries that kept me in bed for several days and then hobbling around on a cane. On top of that I was subjected to various lectures all week from Dear Son about my fragile elderly state, which left a clear impression of his ... read more
    Source: Cwyn’s Death By TeaPublished on July 24, 2016 3:15 am
  • Fiber Artist with a Tea Heart
    I am very excited today to share with you tea artwork made by my friend Karen. I know Karen from our local Wu-Wo tea group. Her fabric art is full of color, texture, depth (literal and figurative), and heart. Karen customized these three pieces, and I'm so happy with the results! Keep reading to see the inspiration behind them. Karen, the artistThis is the first piece made. Karen invested a lot of time reading through this ... read more
    Source: Steph’s Cup of TeaPublished on July 22, 2016 4:15 pm
  • Recipe: Matcha Lemonade
    The other day Kat came home and was telling me how much she enjoyed her lunch. The best part was her beverage- she had a ‘half n’ half, which is a half black iced tea, and half lemonade. It’s one of her favorite iced teas to drink. It got me thinking about how we could adapt this idea to other types of teas. We’d need a tea that could hold up to the strong ... read more
    Source: The Lovely TeacupPublished on July 22, 2016 3:12 pm
  • Tasting: Keemun Concerto from Adagio Teas
    When folks at Adagio sent me a gift card to select samples for review, I tried to find a few teas from their 'Roots Campaign', because they give bit of information on the farmers providing the teas. I picked a few teas of interest, and decided to start in on the Keemun Concerto first. In the interview with the farmer for this tea, Wang Ai Guo mentions the difficult work schedule and her life in poverty as a tea ... read more
    Source: Tea HappinessPublished on July 22, 2016 2:27 pm
  • Zao Qiao Di, 2015, YS
    Notes are from a while back, been a bit scattered this month so I haven’t really been focused on blogging.  The following is a review of the cake my parents bought for my birthday at the beginning of June, Yunnan Sourcng’s Zao Qiao Di. “The first thing I notice is how many small buds are in this tea.  Especially when it is broken from the cake, so I expect a forward and potential tea.  Another thing ... read more
    Source: Cuckoo’s SongPublished on July 22, 2016 1:51 pm
  • White Coconut Creme Tea Pops
    Summer is in full swing and we’re looking for any way to escape this heat! These frosty popsicles made from our delicious White Coconut Creme tea are refreshing and perfect for tea lovers of all ages! White Coconut Creme is a delightfully flavorful tea, so you don’t need to use many other ingredients to make delectable coconut creme popsicles. Make these healthy, vegan-friendly treats to wow guests at any summer soiree. (Or you can just keep a stash in ... read more
    Source: ArtOfTeaPublished on July 22, 2016 11:00 am
  • Friday Round Up: July 17th – July 23rd
    My tasting notes: GyokuroI recently discovered a new blog called The Tea Squirrel, written by +Anna Mariani, and I've really enjoyed her posts so far. The photography in this post is so beautiful. It makes me want to run out and get some irises of my own.Cha Do: The Way of TeaWarren over at SimpleSubtleTea attended an event in California where he got to see Wu De of Global Tea Hut speak. Talk about jealous! Hopefully ... read more
    Source: Tea For Me PleasePublished on July 22, 2016 11:00 am
  • Very rigorous work
    Wherever it comes from, a premium tea involves rigorous work. This starts with the harvest, which must be done meticulously, and of course continues throughout each stage in the processing. Here, in Anhui (China), they are harvesting Huang Shan Mao Feng – “Downy Tips of the Yellow Mountains”. We can see the care being taken with the plucking as well as when transporting the leaves, which are shaded from the sun but still have air ... read more
    Source: Discovering TeaPublished on July 22, 2016 10:56 am
  • Pu’erh Nerdy Q&A — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #97
    Answering a few more of the pu’erh questions we didn’t get to in our Q&A episode. ... read more
    Source: TeaDBPublished on July 22, 2016 9:22 am
  • Blast from the Past: Jasmine Tea is Not Green Tea
    It is believed the jasmine flower bush was brought to China from Persia during the Period of Disunity (220-589).  Numerous jasmine varieties exist, but the Arabian jasmine is what gives Chinese jasmine teas their rich aroma.  Chinese emperors prized jasmine-scented teas.  During their reign, they offered them as a gift to foreign officials.  Delicious jasmine teas are scented just enough to pleasantly caress your senses with their sweet floral aroma.  Tea masters in Fuijian province ... read more
    Source: T ChingPublished on July 22, 2016 7:30 am
  • Live in the Southeastern US? Join us!
    Hello Floridians, Georgians, Alabamians, Carolinians, and Tenneseeans who drink and love Asian teas:While a few of us have been meeting every over month for tea, I know there are others out there who aren't able to make our get togethers. I thought you might want to keep in touch with us, and perhaps find other friends in your area, to meet and talk tea.To that end, I've created a Facebook group. Please comment here with ... read more
    Source: BearsblogPublished on July 21, 2016 11:20 pm
  • Quitting caffeine
    Today is roughly three and a half weeks since I last had coffee or tea. After a brief hospital visit, I decided to quit caffeine for a while.The hospital visit wasn't caffeine-related, and during my post-hospital five-day recovery I drank some coffee. But once I started feeling physically better, my head was still cloudy, and I was tired all day long. Yawn-a-minute tired, sleep-under-my-desk-on-breaks tired. No amount of coffee or tea helped. I brewed my ... read more
    Source: BearsblogPublished on July 21, 2016 11:19 pm
  • April 2013 Southeast Tea Affair
    Now finally back in the swing of my addiction habit hobby, I decided to risk a caffeine binge and hosted a meeting of our local Southeast tea group.Unfortunately, a Facebook event snafu created a duplicate posting that made one member get the day wrong. So, there were only three of us.We drank an unreroasted 1980s baozhong that reminded me why I don't seek out aged baozhong. I have drunk a few good ones, but the ... read more
    Source: BearsblogPublished on July 21, 2016 11:16 pm