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  • Standards For Specialty Tea — Harvest Date
    This post was authored by Austin Hodge as part of a series on defining standards for specialty tea. It was originally published by the International Specialty Tea Association. Element 5 – Harvest Date When was this tea plucked? The answer to this simple question tells us many things, not the least of which include:    The expected quality of a tea’s flavor    The tea’s cultural value    The authenticity of the product    The likelihood that the tea ... read more
    Source: Seven Cups Fine Chinese TeasPublished on September 28, 2016 6:12 pm
  • Asi Teas Enter RTD Arena with Local Brew
    Savannah, Georgia-based Asi Tea, which makes all its teas from the local yaupon tree, native to the southern U.S., recently launched a ready-to-drink version of its existing dried tea range. The RTD teas combine yaupon with other native ingredients such as muscadine grapes, aronia berries, local wild mints, and wild yaupon honey in five flavors: Traditional Brew, Sweet Tea, Honey Blowwom & Mint, Muscadine, and Aronia Berry. Each 14 oz […] The post Asi Teas ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on September 28, 2016 12:16 pm
  • Gold Medal Tea Winners
    Tea sustainability was the topic of the week at the 7th North American Tea Conference, hosted by the Tea Association of Canada at Niagara Falls. The event drew 180 and a dozen exhibitors, several from producing countries recognized for their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Categories included “Best Social Initiative” for advancing social conditions such as empowering women, improving the quality of life, and increasing diversity. The winner was […] The post Gold Medal ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on September 28, 2016 11:53 am
  • The Best Wine And Tea Infusions You Need To Try
    Tea is a perfect way to start any morning and wine is great with dinner or for a relaxing evening with friends. But what if you could combine the two? After all, wine and tea have a lot more in common than you might think. Each grape or tea leaf is influenced by its growing conditions, soil, rainfall, harvesting, and even production. Then, they’re both lovingly fermented to create a delicious, unique liquid made for ... read more
    Source: ArtOfTeaPublished on September 28, 2016 11:00 am
  • Lupicia Sencha Matsuri
    Country of Origin: JapanLeaf Appearance: deep green, needle-likeIngredients: green teaSteep time: 1 minuteWater Temperature: 175 degreesPreparation Method: kyusuLiquor: deep yellow greenI've heard quite a bit about Lupicia from tea friends over the years but never had the opportunity to try their offerings until now. Right off the bat, I was very impressed with the quality of their packaging and labeling. The tea was packed in a vacuum sealed bag within the tin. Tea in clear plastic ... read more
    Source: Tea For Me PleasePublished on September 28, 2016 11:00 am
  • Thoughts on China and tea
    Shanghai skyline by nightThere are many things that can I could criticize about China, and my first criticism would be that it's not possible to write and publish a blog post like this one as long as you are behind the "big firewall"! But let me start with some positive words about what I saw. The development of the cities (Shanghai, Suzhou) I visited is more than impressive. In the matter of a generation, 30 ... read more
    Source: Tea MastersPublished on September 28, 2016 3:40 am
  • Review: Dachi Tea Co. No. 10 Four Seasons Oolong
    Vanilla.  Fresh grass. A drop of tangy-ness. A nice, dry finish. Those are the words that sprang to mind upon tasting this tea. Dachi promised flavors like oatmeal cookies, jasmine and mineral rocks! (Is that a flavor?) I used to collect and taste rocks as a kid. They were usually dirt-like or metallic. Number 10 failed to transport me back to my rock-licking days. And that’s a good thing! Yet there was something nourishing about the mixture of ... read more
    Source: Teaviews.comPublished on September 28, 2016 2:01 am
  • Blog Awards Day 2, or My Teeth are Floating
    Today I reached a milestone of puerh decadence consuming the most tea in a 36 hour period ever. Yesterday's post documented my drinking truce with boychik2989, where I learned that two Puerh heads can seriously put away some tea, and need for photos will stop the insanity. Today continued the tea festivities starting with lunch at Saveur magazine offices. Here is the wine I didn't drink. After all one doesn't want to ruin one's palate for ... read more
    Source: Cwyn’s Death By TeaPublished on September 27, 2016 10:59 pm
  • Butternut Squash Soup with Keemun Black Tea
    Next to warm and comforting tea lattes, my other favourite thing to enjoy during the Fall season is soup. I guess Fall is pretty much known as tea latte season and soup season for me. Can you blame me though? There is probably nothing else that is more perfect than the anticipation of arriving inside from a chilly day to a tea latte in a big mug or bowl of freshly made soup. To fit ... read more
    Source: The Cup of LifePublished on September 27, 2016 5:34 pm
  • Wu Zhong Hang Yuansheng [Episode 177]
    A supposedly best-selling oolong from a shop in the Yongkang area of Taipei. Thanks to Gio for sending this! ... read more
    Source: TeaDBPublished on September 27, 2016 10:08 am
  • Market Report: Specialty Tea in North America
    A recession mindset still plagues consumers and while specialty tea remains a growth category in both the U.S. and Canada, the pace has slowed. “Backed by innovation and on trend with consumer health and wellness needs, (ready-to-drink) tea is driving growth in the U.S.,” reports Chris Monk with Nielsen market research. Tea sales are up 3.8% to $4.69 billion in the U.S. and a more modest 0.9% in Canada’s $332 […] The post Market Report: ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on September 27, 2016 9:03 am
  • Darjeeling eAuction Troubles Continue
    The decision to include India’s famous Darjeeling tea in the nation’s e-auction system is under intense scrutiny as buyers struggle to reach financial settlement requirements. Last week the India Tea Association (ITA) complained that the Bank of India and India Tea Board have failed to resolve software impediments that first came to light in May. “The facilitators of the e-auction system have failed to interact in-depth with the auction organizers […] The post Darjeeling eAuction ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on September 27, 2016 9:01 am
  • Tea 2030: Engaging Consumers
    NIAGARA FALLS, ON The London-based nonprofit Forum for the Future, recognizing the unique nature of tea in the U.S. and Canada, has launched a North American work stream to identify opportunities and address concerns specific to this market. Mark Driscoll, the Forum’s head of food, said that the collaborative Tea 2030 project is entering its fourth phase. Tea2030 is a private-public initiative that brings together NGOs, multinationals and government to […] The post Tea 2030: ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on September 27, 2016 9:01 am
  • A Tea Session w/ the 1996 Purple Dayi (Menghai Tea Factory)
    The Menghai TF recipe teacake consists primary of plantation leaves that are chopped, rolled and blended together. It is a category of raw puerh tea that has a proven history of successful long term storage.This particular teacake show signs of having undergone light wet storage. Upon awakening the leaves with a hot rinse a sweet and charming aroma rises from the teapot. Notes of spice, red wood intermingled with Chinese herbs present a clean and ... read more
    Source: The Guide to Puerh TeaPublished on September 27, 2016 2:41 am
  • Saveur Blog Awards Day 1
    1998 Yiwu by white2teaA long journey to tea heaven started yesterday in my death trap of a car driving to Milwaukee to stay overnight with my sister and catch the plane to NYC the following morning. Now, my car is exactly 22 years old, what hasn't rusted and fallen off is now caving in from the roof. Cracked manifold, corroded radiator, power steering squealing and not just in cold weather, and last night some sort ... read more
    Source: Cwyn’s Death By TeaPublished on September 26, 2016 11:34 pm
  • 2016 Na Han, YS
    The rinsed leaves smell mossy, thickly sweet, and almost tacky just in the aroma. The rinse-soup itself is somewhat darker than I’d expect for such a young tea. The first cup is quite pleasing, there is real and robust density, with soft caramel and forest-y flavors throughout. The second infusion sharpens, yielding the kind of precision sweetness which radiates from the back-center of the tongue that I crave is a young sheng puer. The thickness ... read more
    Source: Cuckoo’s SongPublished on September 26, 2016 6:00 pm
  • Behind The Leaf: Indian Black Teas
    India is known for some of the most delicious black teas. I’m sure you’ve had many of them in blends and didn’t even know it! They can be bold and brisk, or delicate and nuanced. India is also starting to produce white, green, and oolong teas, but for today we’re going to stick with the black teas that grow all throughout the country. There are three main growing regions in India: Assam, Nilgiri Hills, ... read more
    Source: The Lovely TeacupPublished on September 26, 2016 2:13 pm
  • Tea Types: What Are You Drinking?
    All tea (white, green, oolong, black, and pu-erh) comes from the same plant — Camellia sinensis. All teas start out as fresh green leaves before being processed into a specific tea type. It is the cultivated and processed leaves of this plant that create the second most consumed beverage in the world.   Camellia sinensis is a subtropical/tropical evergreen plant native to Asia, though commercially grown all over the world. It takes between 5–7 ... read more
    Source: ArtOfTeaPublished on September 26, 2016 11:00 am
  • How to Train Your Palate for Tea
    Detecting complex aromas can be difficult when we first get into tea. I know this issue was something I struggled with and it is probably one of the things that I get asked about the most. So first things first, you are not alone! Although some people might be naturally better at tasting food and drinks the truth is that you absolutely can get better at it by training your palate.I don't mean the board ... read more
    Source: Tea For Me PleasePublished on September 26, 2016 11:00 am
  • 2007 Sea Dyke Ming Xiang Oolong
    I managed to snagged 2 tins of Ming Xiang oolong tea while I was at the Malaysia Tea Expo earlier this year.  This oolong is a Sea Dyke production.  Manufactured in 2007, this large tin contained 500g of Ming Xiang oolong, and is further packed into 50 smaller packets  as seen in the pictures.  These smaller packets are stapled, so if you are opening the packet, you must dispose the staple properly and not have it ... read more
    Source: travelling teapotPublished on September 24, 2016 11:34 pm
  • FOMO. 2016 Premium Young Tea Report
    If you have been living in a cave with your pu’erh stash for the past 15 years and arejust reemerging to restock your stash, I have some news for you. You should’ve bought apple stock. And google. And loads of pu’erh. Young pu’erh is  expensive now. There was a time not so long age when three figure young pu’erh was considered an outrage. Now it’s commonplace and very easy to spend over $100 for a ... read more
    Source: TeaDBPublished on September 24, 2016 3:00 am
  • Ask me a tea question
    I have not written any thing tea related for years for various reasons. 1, My learning of tea had reached a bottle neck.  There isn't an end to learning about tea, but at one point or many points in our lives, one needs to take a break or slow down before going forward again. 2, There is a saying one can only succeed with passion in what he/she does, in my case, selling tea.  But running a ... read more
    Source: Tea ObsessionPublished on September 24, 2016 1:47 am
  • How To Make And Enjoy The Perfect Crumpets For Your Tea
    Tea and crumpets could be one of the best food and drink pairings in the world. The crumpet goes amazing as a snack or as an integral part of your next tea party. So how do you prepare and make the perfect crumpet? It’s a lot easier than you might expect. Creating The Ideal Crumpet Experience Many people who have never ir glory. Before you start your crumpet journey, bring your water to ... read more
    Source: ArtOfTeaPublished on September 23, 2016 11:00 am
  • Friday Round Up: September 18th – September 24th
    What am I Doing Wrong with my Tea?Paul of +White2Tea shared a post on this blog that really hit home. Much ado is made of the process of making tea and it's easy to feel that we're doing it wrong, even if we enjoy the end result. His honest answer to this question is one that I think I'll be sending to a lot of folks in the future.Tea Bowl Series: 油滴茶碗 - “Oil Spot” Glazed Tea Bowl+Oca ... read more
    Source: Tea For Me PleasePublished on September 23, 2016 11:00 am
  • Review: Terrace Bloom Pearl Green
    Once upon a time, my husband worked at Starbucks. As anyone who works there knows, you’re allowed to take a product home once a week: A pound of coffee or tin of tea or box of Keurig pods. We don’t drink a lot of coffee, so aside from the occasional pound to give away, he mostly brought home boxes of tea. Tazo’s China Green Tips, to be precise. A mid-grade Chinese green tea that came ... read more
    Source: Teaviews.comPublished on September 23, 2016 7:31 am
  • Ask Tippy!
    Dearies, I’m so excited to share my latest addition to the blog. It’s called ‘Ask Tippy’. This is where you get to take control of the blog, and ask me questions about tea! Do you have a question about tea types? Tea preparation? Teaware? Ask away! I received this question recently from a reader named Andrea, and I thought I should make the answer into a post. Here we go! Q. Tippy, do I ... read more
    Source: The Lovely TeacupPublished on September 23, 2016 5:30 am
  • High teas of high quality
    In the centre of the island of Taiwan they produce Gao Shan Chas, high-altitude teas that are rolled into pearls. They are semi-oxidised teas that are withered, then lightly oxidised, roasted, rolled, dried and packaged. In the cup, the best of them develop fresh vegetal notes and a lovely opulent flowery bouquet (rose, hyacinth, jasmine), sustained by buttery, milky notes with an occasional hint of vanilla. These high-quality teas are produced in limited quantities. ... read more
    Source: Discovering TeaPublished on September 23, 2016 4:30 am
  • Teaopia Founder Opens New Online Tea Shop
    Prior to being sold to Teavana in 2012, Teaopia was known as a Canadian loose-leaf tea company with 50 locations across the country. It was a popular place for interesting tea blends and an assortment of tea accessories. When I first started getting more seriously into tea (ie. away from just tea bags), Teaopia was where I would go to try new teas and learn more. My passion and obsession for tea grew thanks to ... read more
    Source: The Cup of LifePublished on September 22, 2016 6:55 pm
  • A Couple More Tea Photos To Share From Instagram
    Here are a couple of more photos I want to share from 9 Thousand Things on Instagram. I have a lot of fun looking at Alexander's photos. His photos help me to stop for a second and daydream - which I love doing - about two of my favorite things: traveling and tea!Here are a couple of examples:The following photo is for our Spring HeHuanShan.Title: Lost WorldAmong all the photos Alexander took of Floating Leaves Tea, this is probably the one I go ... read more
    Source: Floating LeavesPublished on September 22, 2016 6:27 pm
  • Old Whitey & Hoplite Oolong — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #106
    Back for another episode.. Old Whitey & Hoplite (Yancha) are featured in the September W2T Club. ... read more
    Source: TeaDBPublished on September 22, 2016 9:35 am
  • From China to Europe: The First Porcelain Teapots
    The Shiny New Thing Everyone Wanted When porcelain first reached their shore, sixteenth-century Europeans were utterly transfixed. What was it and how was it made? (Soon to be followed with “how can we make it?”) To their eyes, hard paste porcelain had properties that were distinctly superior to those of stoneware, explained scholar Shirley Mueller as we examined her current exhibit of export Chinese porcelain at the Indianapolis Museum of Art:* The very nature of porcelain (see previous post) allowed artisans to ... read more
    Source: It’s More Than TeaPublished on September 22, 2016 9:34 am
  • Top 3 de François : découvrez ses coups de cœur 2016!
    Amateur de grands thés verts artisanaux, François s’occupe des provinces centrales de Chine depuis 2006. Chaque année, vers la fin du mois d’avril, sa route l’amène à visiter des producteurs de thés verts et de Liu Bao. Malgré son affection pour la gastronomie chinoise, le tofu vieilli ne fait toujours pas partie de son alimentation. Voici ses trois coups de cœur du printemps dernier : 1. M. Wang à Wei Shan, un producteur dynamique! « Quelle ... read more
    Source: Blogue du dégustateur de théPublished on September 22, 2016 9:27 am
  • Harvest Moon 7542 puerh Chaxi
    Spring 1997 Menghai Tea Factory 7542 puerh The Harvest Moon is the September full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. This year, it coincides with the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival. It's arguably the second most important festival in Chinese culture (after the New Year). It's not just a celebration of the harvests, but also a celebration of friendship and family, a time when people are coming together in harmony. This is the deeper meaning of ... read more
    Source: Tea MastersPublished on September 21, 2016 10:37 pm
  • 2014 Xigui Ball
    2014 "Xigui" tea ball 250 gI’ve been busy getting ready for the upcoming trip to NYC for the Saveur Blog awards. I want to thank everyone who participated in the crowd funding at GoFundMe, the trip fund is now at $1210/1400. There are no words to express my gratitude at this opportunity to go and get away from my son for a few days, and attend an event like this. Right now I’m cooking away ... read more
    Source: Cwyn’s Death By TeaPublished on September 21, 2016 8:31 pm
  • The Best Tea After Yoga
    Do you practice yoga? Well, just like with any workout, rehydrating after a rejuvenating yoga session is essential. But instead of drinking electrolyte soft drinks like many other gym goers do, reach for a delicious cup of hot tea that can be just as relaxing as the yoga itself! There are countless benefits to drinking tea after a yoga session. But how do you pick the right one for you? How Much Energy Do ... read more
    Source: ArtOfTeaPublished on September 21, 2016 11:00 am
  • Young Mountain Tea Kumaon White
    Country of Origin: IndiaLeaf Appearance: large, somewhat broken with visible budsIngredients: white teaSteep time: 5 minutesWater Temperature: 170 degreesPreparation Method: glass teapotLiquor: goldWhen I heard the news that Tea Journey Magazine's Kickstart campaign was fully funded I was very excited. Partly for the magazine and partly because that meant there would be some Kumaon White on its way to me soon. I had long heard tales of this tea from +Geoffrey Norman and loved it when I ... read more
    Source: Tea For Me PleasePublished on September 21, 2016 11:00 am
  • Morning Beauty during summer vacation
    This Chaxi was one of the highlights of my summer vacation on Taiwan's Pacific coast. I brewed a high oxidized Oolong, the type of tea I typically choose for the morning. For this trip, I had my 2013 summer Oriental Beauty.Since it's not possible to bring all my teas along, I usually restrict myself to 4 or 5: a high mountain Oolong or 2, a Hung Shui Oolong, a raw puerh and a high/full oxidized ... read more
    Source: Tea MastersPublished on September 21, 2016 12:54 am
  • Yixing inventory #12: Zini water dropper
    Not all yixing pots were used for tea brewing, or at least that’s the way it seems sometimes. In things like senchado sometimes they were used for water cooling/pouring rather than tea making. It’s not always clear to me why one is designated as water dropper rather than teapot. When there’s a pair sometimes one gets assigned one job and the other the job of tea making. In any case, this pot is called “zini suichu” ... read more
    Source: A Tea Addict’s JournalPublished on September 20, 2016 9:20 pm
  • Tea Review: Nelson’s Tea Raspberry Earl Grey
    Earl Grey tea, named after Charles Grey who was the prime minister of United Kingdom in the early 19th century, has become quite popular in the West. The distinctive feature of this tea comes from its fragrance which is derived from bergamot oil. Personally, I’m not a great fan of flavored teas but there are a few, such as Earl Grey and Jasmine Pearls, I like to drink from time to time. Nelson’s Tea is an ... read more
    Source: ChapediaPublished on September 20, 2016 2:49 pm
  • Tea Bowl Series: 油滴茶碗 – “Oil Spot” Glazed Tea Bowl
    For me there is nothing more beautiful and fascinating than the variability of Tenmoku glazes.Tenmoku glazes can be divided into many categories.Oil spot glazes are one type of tenmoku glazes and include hare’s fur and partridge feather glazes. They are high-iron glazes and can range in color from dark plum to yellow to brown and black. The essential sign of high-iron glazes is the metallic glow.Unfortunately you will notice at the first glance that the ... read more
    Source: A Matcha Enthusiast’s DiaryPublished on September 20, 2016 12:17 pm
  • How to Brew Shincha
    photo credit: Hashiri Shincha via photopin (license) Shincha is one of the best green teas that Japan has to offer. It’s a seasonal tea, because it’s only available during the first flush. I hadn’t written about brewing shincha, but better late than never. In truth, I used to brew it just like a sencha. First of all I must say that there are different recommendations online, and at the end you should go by your ... read more
    Source: My Japanese Green TeaPublished on September 20, 2016 11:29 am
  • World Tea Expo 2017 Call for Speakers
    Share Your Tea-Related Insights and Help Businesses Become More Successful and Profitable World Tea Expo is accepting speaker proposals for its 2017 event in Las Vegas, June 13–15, 2017. The deadline to submit proposals is Oct. 7, 2016. Submit session proposals here Potential speakers should have extensive knowledge and experience in tea and in educating the tea business community, or have significant experience in a tea-related field, such as foodservice, […] The post World Tea ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on September 20, 2016 11:00 am
  • Coke’s Gold Peak Launching RTD Tea Lattes
    Coca-Cola recently announced that it would launch a new line of ready-to-drink lattes as part of its Gold Peak iced tea brand. It will also add RTD coffees to the lineup, and both lattes and coffees will debut in the first quarter of 2017. The RTD tea latte segment is an emerging beverage category, in contrast to the already strong growth in RTD coffees, said the company in a press […] The post Coke’s Gold ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on September 20, 2016 10:31 am
  • Farming in the Anthropocene
    HAMBURG, Germany Tea is a sun-loving leaf and unlike the delicate coffee flowers that bear fruit, leaves are tough little photosynthetic factories that thrive in warming regions of the world. So long as rains remain steady, a longer growing season and greater solar intensity will increase yield, but as with most good things, too much can be bad, according to Aziz Elbehri, senior economist at the United Nations’ Food and […] The post Farming in ... read more
    Source: WorldTeaNews.comPublished on September 20, 2016 9:35 am
  • 2007 Xiangyi Zhuan Hunan Heicha via YS [Episode 176]
    The final episode of our mini-series on Fuzhuans. This tea is more similar to semi-aged raw pu’erh and has a distinctively strong, ripe fruit aroma and taste to it. Sample courteously supplied by Scott. http://yunnansourcing.com/en/hunan-hei-cha-brick-tea/4063-2007-xiang-yi-hei-cha-zhuan-hunan-brick-tea.html ... read more
    Source: TeaDBPublished on September 20, 2016 9:17 am
  • The Changing Landscape of Tea and the 1996 Purple Dayi (Menghai Tea Factory)
     The first production of the Purple Dayi seriesThe 1996 Purple Dayi is one of the most well known teacakes from the nineties and one that is heavily speculated upon. To pursue such a teacake is not cheap as the price has become steeply inflated over the years. That said it is a very good tea and the quality stands out from other Menghai TF productions from the same time period. Being the first production of ... read more
    Source: The Guide to Puerh TeaPublished on September 20, 2016 4:30 am
  • Review: Jing Tea Earl Grey
    I really enjoyed visiting JING Tea’s website. They offer an amazing variety of loose leaf teas as well as tea bags , tea ware and tea gifts. JING Tea is enjoyed by customers in over 75 countries. I’ve tried a lot of Earl Grey teas in my years as a tea reviewer. Some are good, some taste so strongly of bergamot I have no idea what the tea was like. A very few are really ... read more
    Source: Teaviews.comPublished on September 20, 2016 12:00 am
  • Vacances pacifiques
    La côte Est de Taiwan, entre Hualien et Taitung offre des paysages magnifiques: falaises et précipices côté terre, et océan Pacifique indomptable côté mer.L'arrivée d'un tourisme de masse de Chine Populaire a permis la création de nouveaux hôtels ces dernières années, mais la meilleure façon de découvrir la beauté de cette partie de l'ile consiste à louer une chambre dans une petite résidence privée. Cette propriété-ci dispose d'un grand terrain entre mer et montagne. Un ... read more
    Source: Tea MastersPublished on September 19, 2016 9:07 pm
  • The Buzz on Honey, Part 2
    Sure, you could stir your tea with a stick of sugarcane, or, honey is a wonderfully versatile sweetener that comes straight from the hive. Given that it's made with pollen and nectar collected by honeybees on their legs, it's almost literally the bee's knees. ... read more
    Source: Two leaves and a budPublished on September 19, 2016 4:39 pm
  • Bitter Melon Tie Guanyin – 苦瓜鐵觀音
    Several months ago while drinking tea with my friends Jason and Andrew at Smacha, I received (among other things) a little sample of Bitter Melon Tie Guanyin (苦瓜 鐵觀音) oolong tea.These days I typically choose either an oolong or a hongcha for my daily brew, and I tend to stick with teas I know. But today I was feeling more adventurous so I decided to give this novelty a try.I was surprised to find the ... read more
    Source: Black Dragon Tea BarPublished on September 19, 2016 3:48 pm

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