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This website isn’t about all tea. It’s about specialty tea. Specialty tea production prioritizes quality over quantity. Teas that fall beneath the specialty moniker exhibit a diversity in flavor that cannot be matched by coffee or even wine. Yet most of the world (maybe you too) is only familiar with commodity tea—production that prioritizes quantity over quality. This is the cheap black tea (sold in individual tea bags) that most consumers know. The goal of World of Tea is to celebrate the diversity of fresh, complex loose-leaf specialty teas.

You may find that tea is one of those subjects where the more you learn, the less you know. Because of this, I focus largely on tea classification and tea processing, that is — what about tea processing creates specific teas and how can we classify them? Let this page be a jumping off point in your tea journey. Below, I share seminal posts on topics such as tea classification, tea processing, and tea preparation.

Tea Classification

  • Tea Cultivation
    Tea Varieties and Cultivars
  • A flushing tea plant ready to be plucked.
    Guide to Tea Harvest Times
  • Tea Types and Tea Styles
    A New Look at Tea Classification
  • Romanization of Tea Terms
    Romanization of Tea Terms
  • Fermented Tea Classification
  • tea processing chart featured
    Tea Processing Chart

Tea Processing

  • What is Withering?
  • What is Oxidation?
  • What is Green Tea?
  • Kill-Green in Tea Production
  • Chemical Compounds in Tea
  • Tealet's Michael Petersen took this photo of tea sun drying
    Drying in Tea Processing
  • Wulong Tumble Dryer
    Modern Tea Processing Methods In Taiwan

Tea Preparation

  • Why tea-bags and tea-infusers are bad
  • re-steeping tea
    Multiple Infusions: About Re-Steeping Tea
  • How to Store Tea Leaves Between Steepings
  • Engineer's Guide to Tea
    The Engineer’s Guide to Tea Preparation
  • How to Store Tea
    The Six Immutable Laws of Tea Storage
  • Kinetics of Steeping Tea

Further Reading

  • The First Tie Guan Yin
    Tea Cultivar Database
  • Reading List

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